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Product features and specs

Blackbox v1

Distributed PerceptionAllows seamless capture and tracking of events across multiple sensors / Blackboxes simultaneously, with data output from a single API.Supports linking up to 1,000 Blackboxes.
Power ConsumptionTakes 12V DC in and consumes less than 15W during peak load. The low power rating makes it ideal for a variety of setups, functioning effectively on LiPo batteries or even solar.Supported
Sensor Power SupplyEach Blackbox has a 12V DC out (2.3mm barrel) for easily powering external sensors.Supported
Dimensions170mm(l) x 100mm(w) x 30mm(h) | V2 to be considerably smaller.
Sensor SupportKinect v1 / v2Supported
ZED stereoscopic camerasSupported
Velodyne x16 LIDARSupported
Velodyne x64 LIDARSupported
Fotonic E-Serie camerasComing soon
Scanse LIDAR / RPi RGB combinationComing soon
Ourdoor UseThe blackbox is robust and weatherproof. Outdoor performance is dependent on the sensors used, with LIDAR or stereo recommended.Supported
Detection and trackingPedestriansSupported
Prams / strollersSupported
CarsComing soon
DogsComing soon
Surface mappingIdentifies and classifies the interactability of present surfaces (walkable, sittable, etc.).Supported
Intelligent projectionAllows you to subscribe to the projected movement for all tracked persons, accounting for learned patterns, the state of environment, time-of-day, recent events and the current behaviour of other tracked persons.Supported
Pose ExtractionAllows access to human pose data (18 key joint positions) for tracked individuals via the blackbox API in real-time.Coming soon
Human RecognitionAutomatic skeletal recognition of individuals based on joint measurements and gait.Coming soon
Behavioural Event TriggersAllows subscription to trained behavioural triggers and gestures for tracked individuals.Coming soon
Price (AUD)$1500.00